Replace Webasto Thermostat

original webasto thermostat

Our original Webasto thermostat failed in August, and couldn’t be fixed, so we had to order a new thermostat. This is the original one.

Our first maintenance job when we got back to the boat was to replace the thermostat for our Webasto heater. The thermostat failed in August when we left, and we determined it was old and couldn’t be repaired, so a replacement was needed. We ordered a new thermostat from Sure Marine, where we got the original unit, and we brought the new one with us when we came back to the boat in September.

installing new thermostat

Jim had to drill new holes in the bulkhead behind the helm seat for the new thermostat because we decided to mount the new one in a different location.

The bad thermostat had been mounted on a bulkhead where it had been a little “in the way,” so we took advantage of installing the new one in a more favorable location. Good news…it works just fine. And we’re certainly looking forward to being able to use our heater for the colder nights in September!

new webasto thermostat

The new Webasto thermostat was also available in black, and we thought that would look better, since it is now mounted above one of the heater controls.

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