Thanks for visiting our blog about boating in our Island Gypsy trawler, Phoenix!

Our boating adventures span the past 40 years. From our home base in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve cruised on four boats: three sailboats and our current powerboat, and we have voyaged across the Pacific to Hawaii and back, and sailed the West Coast from Alaska to Mexico. We have explored bays and anchorages throughout the inland waterways of Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, the Canadian Gulf Islands, B.C.’s Sunshine Coast, Desolation Sound, and further north along the Inside Passage to Alaska.

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We started publishing a boating blog in 2011, to share our trip from Anacortes, Washington, to the Broughton Archipelago in British Columbia.

In 2012, commitments in the Seattle area kept us from taking a long trip, but we decided to continue our blog to share our boating adventures at the dock as well as on some shorter distance cruises in the Washington San Juan Islands and the Canadian Gulf Islands.

In 2013, life also restricted the time we had available for cruising, but we did find a few weeks in June to cruise to Desolation Sound and beyond to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary at Dent Island Lodge.

We plan to continue our blog in 2014 to share more boating adventures from our cruises and at the dock.

Join us!

11 thoughts on “Welcome.

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  2. Hi Alice & Jim, This is Pam at the Colorado Cat Clinic. I finally got going on your website. It is so wonderful!!! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. How are the “kids”?

    • Hi Pam. Thanks for visiting our blog…and for your comment! Rosie & Mickey are doing great…they actually seem to enjoy being on the boat. I think they like the small spaces and being able to look out at all the marine activity. They are both pretty good travelers. See you soon!

    • Thanks for visiting our blog about our boating experiences and journeys! We HAVE been boating for a long time…and hope to continue the ride as long as we can. Good luck to you as you pursue a life of travel!

    • Thanks for the comment, Howard. Looks like you figured out the system! No photos of Jim with the eye patch because he’s only wearing it at night when he sleeps…and only one more day of that now. But we did post a photo of him with sunglasses on…that’s new for him…since he’s no longer wearing his glasses and now needs sunglasses for eye protection. (See the post: Superwinch Inaugural.)

  3. WOW Alice! Your blog is phenominal! You have surpassed me by far in structure AND content!!! You guys have had some incredible sailing adventures. Way to live life to the fullest. Chris

    • Thanks, Chris. It’s been fun creating a new blog design in WordPress…and a little challenging too! Only wish this year’s blogging was more about sailing adventures than boat maintenance and projects…but we enjoy all things about boating so it’s still good. It’s great to follow your blog about your cruise to Alaska this year…brings back great memories of our previous visits to those wonderful places! Alice

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