Early season preparations

Still working on selecting and styling a WordPress theme for this blog…but think I’m getting closer! I haven’t moved last year’s blog entries from blogger.com yet, but that’s on my list to do soon.

Phoenix is scheduled to be hauled out in Anacortes within the next couple of weeks. The boatyard people at Marine Servicenter have hauled our boat for us in years past and taken good care of her, so we have asked them to come get our boat from our slip at Anacortes Marina and haul her out for us while we are at home in Bend. It’s great that they’ll do that for us! They will put on a fresh coat of bottom paint, replace zincs and clean up the underwater metal…then they will return Phoenix to our slip. We plan to travel to Anacortes in about 3 weeks, and it will be nice to have that work done when we get there.

For now, we are focusing on getting house projects wrapped up and organizing the stuff we want to bring with us for the summer. It’s always a challenge! We’re also beginning on our first boat project…or at least gathering up the piece parts. We’ve decided it’s time to replace our hand-cranking operation for launching and hauling our dinghy on and off the aft deck. The manual winch is just getting to be too much! Jim has been researching electric winches that will fit on our boom, and has settled on a Superwinch Terra 25-SR that we can order from Amazon. He plans to set up the system to run on an Optima D34 55A battery that will be charged by a Noco Genius 10A marine battery charger.

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