Blog posts from 2011 added

Claydon Bay 2011

One of my favorite photos from 2011: a quiet, calm evening at our anchorage in Claydon Bay, B.C.

I got brave yesterday and decided to go ahead and click the import function in WordPress to import the posts from our 2011 blog from Blogger into this new site. Looks like everything came in…but some revisions to the formatting will be needed. Some of the text formatting isn’t right and the photos all came in at a smaller size than I want! I will work on revising those previous posts, as time permits.

I’m getting closer to getting the theme and formatting set up on this new site. There still may be some changes, but I’m getting more comfortable with how it looks now and have given the site link to some of our friends. I’ve been able to get a few photos added and am working on adding more content.

Marine Servicenter called today to tell us they will be hauling out our boat by the end of this week, and plan to have her back in our slip by the middle of next week…in time to be ready for us when we get to Anacortes.

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