September 14 – Montague to Ganges

montague sunset behind island

The sun quickly disappeared behind the island last night at Montague. The calm water lasted all night and into the morning.

It was calm overnight and still calm in the anchorage at Montague in the morning. But at 47 degrees, it was certainly chilly! We’re running our diesel heater more in the cool mornings and notice that our batteries seem to be losing their charge sooner. It’s probably time to think about new batteries, as ours are over 5 years old. We’ll put it on the list for next year.

leaving montague

Looking back at the entrance to Montague, as we made our way across Trincomali Channel toward Ganges.

Since it’s Friday, we decided to head over to Ganges on Salt Spring Island so we can work in a visit to the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market tomorrow morning. We usually anchor out in Ganges, but the anchorage is frequently crowded, has poor holding, and usually is buffeted by a SW wind in the evenings that often results in other boats dragging. As a result, we frequently anchor for only a few hours to do our shopping, then head for a more secure anchorage for the night. However, this time we decided to go to a dock.

trincomail channel looking north

Looking north in Trincomali Channel, it was calm as far as we could see.

We had breakfast, and left Montague at 1030. It’s a short run to Ganges (about 6 miles), and we had a sunny, calm morning for the trip. After we got to Ganges harbour, we looked over the marina choices and decided to try Ganges Marina. It’s an easy, short walk to town from the marina, and we can get wi-fi there. We haven’t had Internet access since we left Anacortes, so this will be a good chance to catch up on email.

entrance to ganges looking back

It took us about an hour to get to Ganges from Montague Harbour. This is the view looking back as we entered Ganges Harbour.

We stayed at Ganges Marina once before, many years ago, and remember it as a rather noisy place with some fairways that were difficult to navigate. But, we thought it was worth another try, figuring that crowds would be down now that it’s fall season and that there may have been improvements in the docks.

ganges from the harbour

As we got closer to Ganges, we could see the town and surrounding buildings. Ganges Marina is just about in the center of this picture, and the town is on the left.

4 thoughts on “September 14 – Montague to Ganges

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  2. Loving your blog. We did your cruising trip last September, also beautiful weather. We are in Paris this sept, oct. love your pictures and details. Marilyn

    • Thanks for your comment! So glad you’re enjoying our pictures and reading about our boating adventures. The Gulf Islands are such a wonderful place to cruise. We’re currently having some wi-fi problems and I haven’t been able to update our blog for the past several days. Hope we can get things fixed soon…I have more to post about our September cruising! I’ll check out your blog when I can get a stable connection. —Alice

      • I am looking forward to your future postings. We spent The early summer months in the San Juan’s and this summer we could not get our wifi system to work. David worked for hours trying to fix it, but it turns out the carrier was having problems so we will try again next year.

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