July 3 – At Ganges

ganges waterfront

The waterfront in Ganges is always inviting.

It was windy when we got up this morning, and the forecast called for stronger winds all day. Decided we’d stay another day at Salt Spring Marina in Ganges. Our slip was comfortable, they had good WiFi service, and good water. The wind did blow hard all day, but we were moored with our bow into the wind, and the boat was comfortable. It was sunny and pleasant.

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July 2 – Telegraph Harbour to Ganges

leaving telegraph harbour

It was a gorgeous morning as we left Telegraph Harbour. This is the view back to the marina, shown on the right in this photo.

Thankfully, it was cooler this morning. Which was great after it had been so hot for the past three days. The forecast was good, so we decided to continue south and stop at Montague Harbour. We wanted to try anchoring tonight to see if the batteries would hold a charge overnight.

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September 15 – Ganges to Port Browning

Navy Channel looking south

We motored slowly out of Ganges Harbour, dodging the usual many crab trap floats, and headed south, then east toward Trincomali Channel. Then we turned south into Navy Channel. This is the view from Trincomali Channel looking south toward Navy Channel, with Mayne and Saturna Islands in the distance.

After our walk through the Saturday Salt Spring Island Market, we got things ready to leave Ganges Marina. Checkout time was 1100, but we were ready to leave shortly after 1000, and were underway by 1015. Leaving our side tie at the dock was a little tricky because a fresh northwest breeze was pushing us toward the dock and there was little space to maneuver.

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September 15 – Ganges Saturday Market

peppers at Ganges Saturday Market

A large display of peppers at one of the organic food booths at Ganges Saturday market adds a burst of color to an already colorful outdoor market.

When we cruise in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands and can work out the timing, we like to try to be in Ganges on a Saturday so we can take in a Salt Spring Island Saturday market. The market is held in Centennial Park in the heart of downtown Ganges, and offers a wonderful assortment of organic and locally produced foods, as well as a wide selection of arts and crafts.

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September 14 – In Ganges

Ganges Harbour

A nice view of the always-busy Ganges Harbour, looking south from town. The shops and stores are located on the right in this photo. Ganges Marina is on the left, just out of view.

Once we were just outside the breakwater of Ganges Marina, we called them on VHF channel 66 to see if they had moorage available for us. They answered promptly, but put us “on hold” as there were several boats calling at the same time. Turned out that a local yacht club was having their annual get-together this weekend on the docks of Ganges Marina and many of their boats were arriving at the same time as we were. So much for the idea that the crowds “would be down.”

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September 14 – Montague to Ganges

montague sunset behind island

The sun quickly disappeared behind the island last night at Montague. The calm water lasted all night and into the morning.

It was calm overnight and still calm in the anchorage at Montague in the morning. But at 47 degrees, it was certainly chilly! We’re running our diesel heater more in the cool mornings and notice that our batteries seem to be losing their charge sooner. It’s probably time to think about new batteries, as ours are over 5 years old. We’ll put it on the list for next year.

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