June 24 – More Eagles at Dent

dent island low tide

It rained hard most of our second day at Dent Island Lodge. During one of the rain breaks, we walked around on some of the paths. Looking back at the marina, this photo shows the beach at low tide and some of the larger boats that came in today.

It rained hard overnight and was still raining when we woke up this morning. It was also very foggy and the forecast called for southeast winds of 15-25 knots. Decided we’d spend a second day at the comfortable Dent Island Lodge docks. It seemed like a better alternative than trying to navigate through the rapids in fog!

canoe pass flooding

Canoe Pass was almost at maximum flood current in this photo. The water was so turbulent that it’s hard to realize this is dead flat calm at slack tide.

We had a quiet morning on board, taking care of some computer issues and recovering from our big meal last night. The heavy rain continued most of the day and the fog drifted in and out. We did have a couple of breaks in the rain in the afternoon, but the heavy rain returned by evening.

dent rapids

With the telephoto lens, we could see the water really cooking during the ebb current at Dent Rapids.

A few more boats came in this morning on the early slack tide. We were surprised to see boats coming through the fog, but apparently the fog was primarily around Dent Island, so boats had left their departure points with clear visibility. The incoming fleet included several boats that were over 50 feet in length. One was a Nordlund 80, another was an Aleutian Class Grand Banks of 60+ feet, and a Navigator 55 (a charter boat from A Dock at Anacortes Marina). We get dwarfed in that company!

The Dent Island Lodge staff put fish out again this afternoon for the eagles, so I had another chance for eagle photos. Glad we were still there, because I got a couple of good shots!

bald eagle 01

Got this great shot of the bald eagle as he picked up the fish that the Dent Island Lodge staff put out. So neat!

bald eagle 02

They put out a second piece of salmon and the eagle came back and carried it away.

bald eagle 03

The eagle continued with the salmon, carrying it back to the nest.

bald eagle fishing

Later in the day, we spotted one of the eagles sitting on a log across from us. It was getting close to slack current in Canoe Pass, and he was looking for fish.

We decided to get off the boat and have lunch in the dining room. We both had halibut and chips. Very tasty!

We’re hoping to have a break in the weather tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “June 24 – More Eagles at Dent

    • Thanks! I was really happy to get the shots of the eagle…he flew in and out within seconds! The weather in the Inside Passage in B.C. CAN change quickly. Probably due to the steep mountains surrounding the water and the proximity to the ocean. We tend to watch the marine weather forecasts—and the sky—frequently.

  1. I was going to ask u abt the eagles. And do the seals still play and swim up and down canoe pass during the high tides?

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