June 23 – Our 40th Anniversary Dinner

alice & jim at dent island lodge

Happy 40th anniversary to us! We had the entire dining room at Dent Island Lodge to ourselves, and enjoyed the wonderful food at a table with a view of the marina. A perfect celebration!

What a wonderful place to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary! Our anniversary was actually earlier in June, but this was as soon as we were able to get to Dent Island. And we immensely enjoyed our delayed celebration. Dinner at Dent Island Lodge is always special, and this time we even had the entire dining room to ourselves. No other guests came for dinner tonight. They set up a large table for us that overlooked the marina. What a perfect setting!

The dinner was excellent. We had martinis and appetizers in the bar, and then moved to the dining room for the main course. Jim had steak and prawns, with seared scallops as a first course. I ordered seared salmon, with Caesar salad as a first course. Jim selected an apple tart for dessert and I picked a chocolate concoction called Volcano Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream and Berries. Everything was wonderful!

We HAD to share photos of this delicious meal….


The Dent Island Lodge appetizers for tonight included fresh oysters on the half shell, tomato and goat cheese kabobs, ground duck paté on crostini, and watermelon soup (not pictured). We chose to accompany the appetizers with vodka martinis.

caesar salad

Alice’s first course was a Caesar salad.

seared scallops

Jim ordered seared scallops as a first course.

Alice's main course was seared salmon.

Alice’s main course was seared salmon.

steak and prawns dinner

Jim’s main course was steak and prawns.

chocolate volcano cake

Alice’s desert was the chocolate volcano cake with ice cream and berries.

apple tart

Jim’s desert was an apple tart with whipped cream and caramel.

4 thoughts on “June 23 – Our 40th Anniversary Dinner

  1. Congratulations on 40 years! It is nice to know somethings are just like you remember. I am really wondering where all the boaters are though. What’s your take.

    • Julie – Thanks for the good wishes! As far as where the cruisers are…it’s early. June is always slow, especially north beyond the rapids. And the weather has been awful. Cloudy and raining hard for much of our trip. However, as we cruise further north, we have noticed fewer cruising boats the past few years. Perhaps economic issues have made it harder for people to take long vacations, or for retired people to spend as much of their budget on boating, or there’s always the increased cost of diesel! Also, we seem to see more sailboats than power boats, and more Canadian boats than U.S. boats, especially the further north we go. BTW, there were other people at the lodge, don’t know why they weren’t having dinner. But, it turned out VERY nice for us!

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