In Anacortes…still

As usual, it always takes longer than we think to get the boat and us ready to leave the dock!  There are always unexpected things to take care of. So, we are still at the dock. In addition to the usual scurrying around to provision and stow things, last night our 10-year-old Dickinson barbecue bit the dust. Unfortunate timing!

This morning we went to the only likely place on a Sunday in Anacortes to look for a marine barbecue…West Marine. Thankfully, they had a good supply and we were able to find a model we like. Jim spent the morning taking off the old BBQ and installing the new Magma Newport BBQ. It’s shiny and bright and ready to use. We got the Dickinson when we outfitted our boat in 2001, and it has served us well…until now. But now that our barbecue Situation is resolved, and our projects and provisioning are done (for now), we are optimistic that we will be ready to leave in the morning…weather permitting.

10-year-old Dickinson BBQ
New Magma Newport BBQ

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