Claydon Bay to Jennis Bay

June 19 – Jennis Bay Marina, Drury Inlet

Claydon Bay to Jennis Bay, 8.72 nautical miles
Total this trip to date: 289.29 NM

We spent a very quiet night at anchor in Claydon Bay, and it was still calm this morning. It was cloudy, but not raining. We timed our departure for 1000, to arrive at Stuart Narrows at slack around 1100. Stuart Narrows is the entrance to Drury Inlet, where we plan to visit Jennis Bay Marina.

We encountered more current than we expected in Stuart Narrows, so perhaps the slack prediction wasn’t accurate for today. But, no issues on the transit, and we entered Drury Inlet shortly after 1100. It was a short motor to Jennis Bay Marina, and we arrived at 1130. Five boats were already tied up, but we found a nice spot behind Safari, the Grand Banks 42 we met at Kwatsi Bay. It’s been three years since we’ve been here, and we notice several improvements on the dock and the float buildings. Allyson, the owner and operator of the marina, came by after we tied up to invite us to tonight’s potluck. She is cooking ribs and other boaters are bringing salads. I decided to bake bread pudding.
The sun came out in the afternoon, so it was quite pleasant by dinner time. We had quite a spread for the potluck: BBQ ribs, pork roast, freshly made applesauce, crab, green salad with strawberries, mango, and avocado, biscuits, cooked vegetables, bread pudding, and chocolate cake. Nobody left hungry!
Allyson also invited members of a crew, who are building a logging road here this summer, and currently are living in float houses nearby. An interesting, colorful group of guys!
Jennis Bay is protected from Drury Inlet by a small island in the entrance. There is also a floating log breakwater that further protects the moorage area. There is no power, but there is Internet service, which sometimes worked and other times didn’t. Drury Inlet itself is quite scenic and, since it’s away from the center of the Broughton Archipelago, it’s a bit less traveled.
Stuart Narrows, the entrance to Drury Inlet
Approaching Jennis Bay Marina
Jennis Bay Marina
The dock at Jennis Bay, Phoenix on the right