Anacortes to Nanaimo

June 6 Prevost Harbor

Anacortes to Prevost Harbor, 27.68 nautical miles

We are anchored in Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island tonight. We had a 4-1/2 hour run from Anacortes. Winds were variable 10-15, sometimes calm.  We rode the ebb tide out Guemes Channel, and made a direct trip across Rosario Strait and through the Islands to Prevost Harbor. We anchored in 25 feet at low tide. We found that the current frequently opposed the wind, resulting in the boat riding around the anchor and the chain grumbling as it got pulled along the bottom. The harbor breeze died down at sunset and it became flat calm. There are a few small boats at the park’s dock, only 2 boats tied to the park’s mooring buoys, and about a half dozen boats at anchor. Very quiet!

Rosie & Mickey slept most of the way, as they learn about boat noises and motion. Fortunately for us they both seem to handle boat travel fairly well.
Dinner tonight was barbecued Copper River salmon, barbecued corn-on-the-cob, and the rest of the Pugliese bread. The new barbecue works well, but we discovered there is a bit of a learning curve as it works slightly differently than our old one.
 Entering Thatcher Pass from Rosario Strait
Trawler transiting Pole Pass
Anchorage at Prevost Harbor
June 7 Montague Harbour
Prevost to Montague, 16.83 nautical miles
Total this trip to date: 44.51 NM
We woke today to a cloudy and gloomy morning. We had a short run in the rain from Prevost to Montague. We stopped at Montague to clear Canadian Customs, thinking we’d continue on. However, the reports of strong winds at Entrance Island plus it was too late to make the afternoon Dodd Narrows slack…so, we decided to anchor and spend the night at a very quiet Montague Harbour.
Motoring into some chop this morning was a little more stressful for the kitties, so they’re glad to stop here. The rain stopped mid-afternoon, and the winds turned calm. Making it a very peaceful stop. Baked banana bread in the afternoon while Jim worked on his ham antenna. Missed seeing the bread boat!
 We encountered this container ship in Boundary Pass
when we left Prevost Harbor
In Montague, this coot took flight as we startled him.
A rather empty anchorage at Montague.
This mega yacht came in, anchored for a couple
of hours, then left.
Another wonderful sunset at Montague
June 8 Nanaimo
Montague to Nanaimo, 25.39 nautical miles
Total this trip to date: 69.9 NM
We woke early to a calm, sunny morning. Got the anchor up and were underway by 6:45 AM to catch the slack at Dodd Narrows. Very calm all the way north in Trincomali Channel, and easy trip through the narrows…not much boat traffic this early in the day and in the year.
There were hardly any boats at Port of Nanaimo, so we had no problem getting a berth for the night. Spent the afternoon shopping for beer, wine, groceries, etc. Sunny and a gentle SE breeze most of the afternoon. Considered dinner at Penny’s Palapa, but ran out of time putting things away, so that we can be prepared to leave early in the morning if the weather is good.
Looking back at a calm Trincomali Channel in the early morning
Dodd Narrows
Entering Nanaimo Harbor, we saw this oil rig
being towed by 4 tugs into the harbor…
…and this is the ship that brought the oil rig to Nanaimo.
p.s. we don’t think there’s any oil in Nanaimo…
Phoenix tied up at Port of Nanaimo
Nanaimo Harbor