Nanaimo to Comox

June 9 Comox

Nanaimo to Comox, 52.66 nautical miles
Total this trip to date: 122.56 NM
Got an early start (0630) from Nanaimo. Winds were calm, but it was overcast. We planned to cross Georgia Strait to Pender Harbour. Well….
First, our engine starter just clicked at us, when it was expected to start the engine. After repeated attempts, it finally started…we have a spare starter, but wanted to get someplace (like Pender Harbour) where we had access to Internet, mechanics, place to stay awhile, etc. in order to troubleshoot the starter problem.
Then, when we started out from Departure Bay, we were motoring into 2-3 foot southeast swells. Rather uncomfortable, but we continued, thinking it would get better when we got further away from the shore. In addition, Area Whiskey Gulf was active today, including some special maneuvers of dropping flares or something like that from helicopters over Texada Island. Didn’t sound too inviting.
Once we turned toward Ballenas, it continued to be uncomfortable as we were now rolling in 2-3 foot following seas. It wasn’t very windy, just lumpy, and very gloomy overcast. By the time we reached Ballenas, our kitties were huddled up wondering what in the world was going on! Us too! When we passed Ballenas Island and turned toward Texada, the boat was rolling miserably and many things began rattling around in the cupboards. That was enough, and we turned to go with the seas, and changed our destination to Comox.
So, rather than the planned 30-mile day, we had a 50-mile day. Everyone was pretty tired by the time we got to Comox. We’re side-tied on F dock, with a bunch of fish boats. We walked around the town for a bit, and now are back at the boat where Jim can start working on the starter and we can get this update posted to our blog. We found the wi-fi access here isn’t to the computer on our boat, rather we have to take the computer to the office….or have line of sight to their antenna (we’d have to take the computer out on the dock in order to do that). At least we can get wi-fi!
Next, we are going to go looking for some good fish and chips!
A gloomy Georgia Strait – Looking back at Ballenas Island
Rosie, helping with navigation
Mickey, less than happy with the rolling
Chrome Island Lighthouse
Phoenix side-tied on F Dock at Comox

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