Teak Cleaning

Teak deck before

Teak on boat deck…before cleaning.

Teak after

Teak on boat deck…after cleaning.

We have a bit of exterior teak decking on our boat that we leave natural…but it has to be cleaned periodically. Even though we have our boat washed monthly over the winter, the exterior teak still accumulates dirt in the wood. By spring the teak is ready for a good cleaning. There are a number of different products that can be used to clean teak, but we like the Star brite brand.

Today was dry, so it was a good day to clean teak. While Jim worked on installing the overflow reservoir for the heating system, I got busy with the teak. I clean the teak in two steps…first by applying Star brite Teak Cleaner and scrubbing it with a stiff brush. This cleans the dirt out from the grain of the teak. After a good wash down, I let the teak dry and then apply Star brite Teak Brightener. This sits on the teak for a few minutes and then is washed off.

It always feels good to see the natural color of the teak!

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