Winch Wiring Finished!

Wiring the system on/off switch

Jim working on the wiring in the electrical panel for the winch system on/off switch.

System on/off switch

The winch system on/off switch is a push-pull switch, and we mounted it behind our steering wheel, just under the electrical safety placard.

Winch battery charger

We mounted the battery charger for the winch battery in our flybridge storage locker, near the winch battery. The green light means the battery is charged.

We were trying to get the wiring for the electric winch finished before Jim’s eye surgery on June 21st, and we did!

We found a place for the system on/off switch behind our steering wheel, where we can easily reach it to turn power on and off to the winch. This switch provides power to the solenoid coil.

Next we ran the cables from the winch motor to connect them to the battery. Then we mounted the battery charger on the inside wall of the flybridge storage locker, near the winch battery, and connected the charger to the battery.

Then we were ready to power up everything to do a system test. It all works!

Next we will need to wind the hoisting line onto the winch drum and actually hook it up. And then we’ll be able to test the whole operation. Let’s hope it’ll lift the dinghy…