A laptop is a warm place

Rosie on laptop

I left my laptop open the other day, and found Rosie curled up on the keyboard when I came back.

Rosie is a small kitty. She weighs around 7 pounds and has a very thin body. Maybe that’s why she’s always seeking out warm places to curl up. I don’t think of my laptop as a warm place, however, if I’m away and leave the laptop open, frequently I will find her curled up on the keyboard when I come back. I guess the laptop generates just enough heat to attract her.

So I try to be careful and close up the laptop when I’m not using it. But sometimes I forget to close it up when I leave and will find her asleep on the keyboard when I return. Of course, her warm body makes the laptop even warmer…perhaps not a great thing for the electronics!

If we come back and find her sleeping on the laptop, much to her protests, we move her to a more acceptable place for a kitty to sleep! But, of course, she is so very cute there…

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