September 14 – Montague to Ganges

montague sunset behind island

The sun quickly disappeared behind the island last night at Montague. The calm water lasted all night and into the morning.

It was calm overnight and still calm in the anchorage at Montague in the morning. But at 47 degrees, it was certainly chilly! We’re running our diesel heater more in the cool mornings and notice that our batteries seem to be losing their charge sooner. It’s probably time to think about new batteries, as ours are over 5 years old. We’ll put it on the list for next year.

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September 13 – Prevost to Montague

montgue harbour north

Montague Harbour was sunny and calm when we arrived, and stayed that way all day. We saw lots of empty mooring buoys in the marine park at the north end of the anchorage.

It was breezy in Prevost Harbor this morning, but clear and sunny. After coffee and a snack, we decided to head out of the anchorage and see if it was windy in Boundary Pass. We called Canadian Customs before we left U. S. waters to get clearance for entry at Montague, with an arrival time of 1200. With our Nexus passes, we’re able to clear Canadian Customs at Montague Harbour, Galiano Island.

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September 12 – Anacortes to Prevost Harbor

Mt. Baker behind Obstruction Pass

After we entered the San Juan Islands, we were treated to this great view of Mt. Baker behind Orcas Island. Obstruction Pass is on the right.

We’re back on the water for part 2 of our 2012 cruising! We’re having a very nice sunny and dry stretch of weather…but a little on the cool side. There’s definitely a nip of fall in the air.

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Another Inspiring Sunrise

sunrise at anacortes marina

On a recent morning we were treated to another inspiring sunrise in Anacortes. This view is from our boat and captures the sun as it rises above the marina breakwater and begins to light the boats in the marina.

We are rapidly approaching the autumnal equinox (September 22nd at 7:49 AM PDT), and each day the sun is rising further and further to the south. Looking to the east from our boat on a recent morning, we saw this view of the sun rising as it came up behind the breakwater at Anacortes Marina. What a great way to start the day!

Replace Webasto Thermostat

original webasto thermostat

Our original Webasto thermostat failed in August, and couldn’t be fixed, so we had to order a new thermostat. This is the original one.

Our first maintenance job when we got back to the boat was to replace the thermostat for our Webasto heater. The thermostat failed in August when we left, and we determined it was old and couldn’t be repaired, so a replacement was needed. We ordered a new thermostat from Sure Marine, where we got the original unit, and we brought the new one with us when we came back to the boat in September.

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Back to the boat

smith rock

We’re heading back to our boat! Shortly after we left Bend, we passed Smith Rock State Park on our way north on Highway 97.

After almost four weeks in Central Oregon, we finished the yard work at our house and returned to our boat in Anacortes Marina for some fall cruising. We had a good weather day for the 450-mile drive. Road construction and maintenance projects delayed us from time to time, but otherwise we had no complications.

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