September 15 – Ganges Saturday Market

peppers at Ganges Saturday Market

A large display of peppers at one of the organic food booths at Ganges Saturday market adds a burst of color to an already colorful outdoor market.

When we cruise in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands and can work out the timing, we like to try to be in Ganges on a Saturday so we can take in a Salt Spring Island Saturday market. The market is held in Centennial Park in the heart of downtown Ganges, and offers a wonderful assortment of organic and locally produced foods, as well as a wide selection of arts and crafts.

It was especially convenient on this trip to be moored on a Friday night at Ganges Marina where it is only a short walk to the Saturday market. On Saturday morning, we walked over to the market shortly after 0900 when it was just getting started. It was great to visit early in the day before it got crowded and before we left for our next destination.

The photos tell the story. Enjoy these scenes of our walk through the September 15th Ganges Saturday market.

ganges market 01

We found many arts and crafts booths as we entered the market.

ganges market 02

One of the colorful arts and crafts booths.

ganges market 03

More arts and crafts.

ganges market 04

As we approached the end of the first row, we found more displays of arts and crafts.

ganges market 05

A display from Bob McKay, a local woodworker who has been at the market for many years. We’re very happy with a couple of salad bowls that we bought from him several years ago and were pleased to find him still coming to the Ganges Saturday markets.

ganges market 06

Even more arts and crafts.

ganges market 07

After we turned the corner, we entered the area of the booths offering organic and local food.

ganges market 08

Look at all the artisan bread! Hard to pick just one loaf.

ganges market 09

More organic food.

ganges market 10

A very colorful display of late summer flowers.

ganges market 11

What a colorful booth!

ganges market 12

As we turned back toward town, we were back among the arts and crafts booths.

ganges market 13

More arts and crafts.

ganges market 14

The view as we were on our way out of this Saturday market and returning to town.

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