July 3 – At Ganges

ganges waterfront

The waterfront in Ganges is always inviting.

It was windy when we got up this morning, and the forecast called for stronger winds all day. Decided we’d stay another day at Salt Spring Marina in Ganges. Our slip was comfortable, they had good WiFi service, and good water. The wind did blow hard all day, but we were moored with our bow into the wind, and the boat was comfortable. It was sunny and pleasant.

ganges waterfront at ground level

Another view of Ganges waterfront, taken from the walkway.

We walked to town to look around the shops. It’s about one-half mile walk along a path at the side of the highway. Took about 10 minutes each way. Most of the shops haven’t changed much since we were here last summer, but it’s always fun to walk around Ganges. We stopped in the Thrifty Foods for some bread. There were lots of people in town, which is the usual situation in Ganges on summer days. The ice cream shop is still there…and still has good waffle cones! We couldn’t resist.

hanging bicycle glads ice cream

The Glad’s Ice Cream store has a cute bicycle hanging from the roof corner.

ganges dinghy dock

There was a full house at the busy dinghy dock in Ganges.

ganges street art

This colorful carving greets customers who enter one of the many galleries in Ganges.

mouats clothing comany

Mouat’s Clothing Company is still doing a bustling business.

ganges sidewalk shopping

Merchandise is displayed on the walkway outside the Mouat’s Clothing Company store in Ganges.

ganges thrifty foods

Thrifty Foods in Ganges is a great place for provisioning.

ganges cafe

All the tables were full at the Tree House Café in Ganges.

ganges street scene

Typical street scene in Ganges.

We stopped at the Ganges Fish Market on our way back to the marina and got some wonderful fresh sockeye salmon. We planned to get a crab too, but their crabs had sold out last weekend when Ganges was filled to the brim with people celebrating the long weekend for Canada Day.

mobys pub

Moby’s Pub in Ganges is located near the top of the ramp to the docks of the Salt Spring Marina, and is very convenient for visiting boaters.

inside mobys pub

The bar inside Moby’s Pub was colorful.

It was still fairly windy in the evening, so we decided to save our salmon for a calmer day that would be more comfortable for barbecuing. We had dinner at Moby’s Pub, located across from the marina office. Jim had a chipotle chicken burger and I had halibut and chips. Good food…and no cleanup needed in the galley!

Tomorrow’s forecast sounds promising, and if it looks good in the morning we will continue south.

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