Window Fixed!

While we were waiting for the window on our boat to be fixed, we stopped at Larrabee State Park one day on our way back from shopping in Bellingham. Larrabee was established in 1915, and is the first state park established in Washington. It has good hiking trails and a great beach for swimming or just walking along the beach. There are wonderful views of Northern Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. It was hot the day we stopped there, and the water looked like the perfect day for boating!

We always enjoy hanging out around the boat. Even though we hadn’t planned to come to Anacortes Marina the first part of July, it’s been fun to be at the marina while we waited to get new glass made for our broken window. The weather has been great, and we enjoyed making progress on some of our maintenance projects.

By the end of last week, our new glass was ready, and it was quickly installed in the window. Thanks to Curtis Anderson of Anderson Glass for taking care of us. He came to our boat to measure for new glass the same day we called him, and he kept us informed throughout the project. He was conscientious and easy to work with, and he did a good job of measuring—the new glass fits the space nicely!


Seems like it’s always busy at Mad Hatters Ice Cream. It’s located just across from the Anacortes Farmers Market and is a convenient stop after dinner downtown when we walk back to Anacortes Marina.

Now we’ve returned to Bend to continue on our house projects. We’re once again reminded about how hard it is to keep up both a boat AND a house. Especially when our house is over 400 miles away from the boat!


The day we drove back from Anacortes to Bend, there were severe thunderstorm warnings posted throughout Central Oregon. We were lucky and encountered only one of the thunderstorm cells, which dumped heavy rain on us and had strong winds with a bit of lightning. The sky was dramatic with tall, dark clouds in the cells and clearing between cells. There were reports of large hail, heavy rain, strong wind, and lightning strikes all over the area, and we were glad to get home without incident!

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