san juan islands sunset at reid harbor

A spectacular sunset at Reid Harbor, Stuart Island, our favorite quiet anchorage in the San Juan Islands.

This week Cruising With Phoenix reached 20,000 views! Thanks to those of you who are following our blog and to all the others who end up here looking for information about boating or cruising in the Pacific Northwest!

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Seattle Boat Show and “Life of Pi”

ocean near hawaii

Watching the film “Life of Pi” made us remember experiences we had while ocean sailing. Here we are sailing to Hawaii, and looking back over our stern you can see the breaking waves and sea foam blown by the wind. At least it was a favorable wind behind us!

The 2013 Seattle Boat Show is in progress! This year, it runs from January 25 to February 3. We’d love to be going, but it looks like we’ll miss it again this year. Travel in and out of Central Oregon in the winter can be “iffy” due to inclement weather in the surrounding mountains. This week the weather forecast calls for the possibility of some winter storms. Between the uncertain weather forecast and some commitments we have in Bend, we decided it’s best not to try to fit in a trip to Seattle.

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