nexus logoYesterday’s weather was pretty wet and windy. It was a great day to drive to Blaine to take care of updating our NEXUS cards. We renewed our passports this spring, and we were required to present the new passports to the CBP so that they could update our records with our new passport information.

Once we got to the NEXUS office, the process of updating our records took only about 10 minutes. However, trying to find the correct route to reach the NEXUS parking lot and not end up in the NEXUS lane to cross the border proved too hard for us, and we ended up in the lane to Canada with no way to turn around. So, we had TWO border crossings…first to enter Canada and then to return to the U.S. where the NEXUS office is located. THAT adventure took far longer than the updating of the cards!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with NEXUS, the cards are explained on their website at We got our NEXUS cards to facilitate the customs process when we take our boat across the border between the U.S. and Canada. The cards are good for five years, so we will have to apply for new cards next year.