More WiFi Fun

Jim drilling holes to reinstall WiFi bridge.

Jim pulled out the two bottom drawers under our helm seat to install the WiFi equipment. Here he is drilling a hole to bring up the exterior antenna cable to the space under the drawers.

Jim inserts the new airport into its new location.

Jim inserting the new Apple Airport base station into its new location under the drawers in the cabinet below our helm seat.

Mickey explores the open space where the drawers have been removed.

Of course, as soon as the drawers were removed and there was open space, both kitties had to check out the space. Here Mickey is inside, looking around. Rosie followed shortly thereafter.

WiFi equipment under the drawers.

The bridge and new Airport base station (router) fit nicely in the space under the bottom drawer.

Argh! We lost our Internet connection this week…the new WiFi bridge is still good (see May 28 post), but the 6-year-old Apple Airport base station that we use as a router seems to have become buggy. So we went to Best Buy and bought a new one. Yesterday Jim worked on re-wiring the on-boat WiFi system to hook it up to the new Airport. The new Airport device is smaller than the old one, so now there is room to install both the Airport and the bridge in the area under the drawers in the cabinet below the helm seat.

After rerouting the cable connections to the exterior antenna and hooking up everything, our system seemed to be back and working as it should. However, this morning it was down again, so looks like we need to do more trouble shooting. In the meantime, we are able to connect our laptop directly to the bridge, so we are able to reach the Internet from at least one device.

Meanwhile…we have a free week between eye doctor exams/surgeries in connection with Jim’s cataracts (his next exam is July 10), so we are getting ready to leave the dock (yea!!) to spend a few days in the San Juans. We thought we’d leave this morning, but the wind has come up a bit here in Anacortes and there is a gale watch posted for the East Entrance of the Strait of Juan de Fuca for later this afternoon, so we have decided to wait for a better weather window before departing…Rosario Strait can be a bit uncomfortable when the SE wind blows against the current.

Bend to Anacortes

Heading north on US-97 north of Madras

We found a brief dry period on our way north on US-97 north of Madras.

Rosie in the car

Rosie curled up in the kitty cup for some of the drive.

Wind turbines in the Gorge

Hundreds of wind turbines line the horizon looking toward the Columbia River Gorge.

Columbia River Gorge looking east

Columbia River Gorge at Biggs Junction looking east

Vineyards at Maryhill Winery, Goldendale, WA

Vineyards at Maryhill Winery, Goldendale, WA

Wind turbines line the highway in Goldendale

Wind turbines line the highway in Goldendale

Toppenish, WA, looking east from U.S. 97

Toppenish, WA, looking east from U.S. 97

Mickey in the car

Mickey’s turn to ride in the kitty cup

Stormy sky near Snoqualmie Pass

Storm clouds build near Snoqualmie Pass

Blue sky and a nice sunset approaching Interstate 5

Blue sky and a nice sunset are a welcome change as we approach the junction of I-405 and I-5

Phoenix at Anacortes Marina

In our slip in Anacortes Marina the next day, Phoenix looks great in the setting sun.

Time to head to the boat! It’s about a 9-hour drive from our house in Bend to our boat in Anacortes if we drive north through Yakima and then west over Snoqualmie Pass. We prefer going that way because we can avoid heavy truck traffic and backups on I-5, so that’s the way we came this time.

We tried to get on the road early in the day, but, as usual, it took longer than we expected to get the car loaded and close up the house, so we didn’t actually leave until 1 PM. The late start meant that our arrival in Anacortes was later than we’d like. Fortunately at this time of the year the days are long enough that it’s light until almost 10 PM, so it wasn’t completely dark when we got to the marina.

It was a stormy weather day for our drive. It was raining and hailing in Bend as we loaded the last of our stuff into the car, and we had a mixture of rain and sun for the entire drive. The worst part was from Snoqualmie Pass to Issaquah, where we encountered rain that was heavy enough to pool up on the road and cause some hydroplaning.

As we headed north through Kirkland on 405, the skies were clearing, and by the time we reached Everett and points north, we had clear skies. When we arrived at our marina, we felt lucky to arrive at high tide, making it easier to carry our things down the dock ramp to the boat.