Solenoid for Superwinch

solenoid for superwinch - closeup view

The solenoid for the superwinch, mounted in a waterproof box on the starboard aft railing of our flybridge.

solenoid for superwinch

A wider angle view of the superwinch solenoid mounted on the starboard aft railing of our flybridge.

Another rainy, cold and gloomy day! Heavy rain and gusty wind at times today, but a few breaks allowed Jim an opportunity to get started on the wiring for the electric winch. Today he mounted the solenoid for the Superwinch.

The solenoid is the interface between the battery and the winch. It controls the winch operation. The remote control is connected to the solenoid, allowing the user to operate the winch using the remote.

We found a Pelican-like waterproof box at West Marine for housing the solenoid. The box is made out of polycarbonate and measures 6”x5”x2”. Jim fastened it to the starboard aft railing on our flybridge, near the mast and just above where the dinghy is stored on deck.

The next step will be to run the wiring that will connect to the battery and battery charger.