Cataract surgery complete and successful

Jim and Divine Divas

Jim and friends celebrate his successful eye surgery.

It’s now been 4 weeks since Jim had cataract surgery on his right eye, and this week he went back to have the cataract removed from his left eye. So, we made two trips between Anacortes and Seattle – one on Thursday to have the procedure, and another trip on Friday for a post-surgery exam. Both trips were longer than we expected due to traffic volume. Thursday was a beautiful sunny day, and it seems there were lots of people out on the freeway going who knows where…or possibly there are a lot of people vacationing in Seattle. Whatever the reason, I-5 southbound became a parking lot and we ended up leaving the freeway at Northgate and taking surface roads the rest of the way to downtown Seattle.

On Friday, we woke to another thunderstorm and very heavy rain. We had to be in Seattle before noon for the follow-up exam, and we found the freeway jammed again – this time from the heavy rain and all the water that had accumulated on the roads. So, once again, we left I-5 at Northgate…now we’re getting to be an expert at finding our way to downtown Seattle by going through Fremont!

Anyway, the surgery has gone well, and the only event left is another post-surgery exam next week. That should be our last trip between Anacortes and Seattle for a while. Thank goodness!

Boats for sale at Cap Sante

Boats for sale at the Cap Sante Boat Haven docks.

Cap Sante Marina Office

There was a lot of activity outside the Cap Sante harbor office and entrance to the marina.

We went for a walk to Cap Sante Boat Haven ( this morning. The Port of Anacortes is located at Cap Sante and there is always lots of interesting boat activity there. The morning started out foggy and things were still fairly wet, but the sun came out later and made it a pleasant day for a walk and to enjoy wandering around the boats at Cap Sante.

Commercial crab boats

Four commercial crab boats loaded with crab traps and getting ready to go out.

Lady of the sea

The Lady of the Sea waits at the entrance to Cap Sante Boat Haven.

Next up for the boat is to tackle annual exterior maintenance…varnishing and waxing. The unsettled and wet weather will make that a challenge. Earlier this week, we found a couple of dry days to do a little of the waxing and got one coat of varnish on the teak before Friday’s rain. Rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days, but we’ll start up again on the varnish when the weather allows.

Anacortes Thunderstorm

Anacortes thunderstorm 01

During a break from the rain, I took some photos of the angry sky. This is looking northwest from our foredeck.

Anacortes thunderstorm 02

This is a view looking north. Notice the rain cells in the distance.

Anacortes thunderstorm 03

Above the boathouses, the sky to the west was an angry deep red, intensified by the setting sun.

Anacortes thunderstorm 04

Another view to the north. Some of the boats at Cap Sante Boat Haven are visible through the opening of our marina’s north bulkhead, near the center of the photo.

Wow! What a night we had in Anacortes last evening. There were lots of thunderstorms throughout the entire Puget Sound most of the day yesterday, with most of the rain to the south of us. Anacortes was dry until the evening, when we definitely got our taste of the storm.

Between 6 and 7 PM, heavy rain started to come down like rain we’ve seen in Ketchikan or the tropics. Just a downpour. This was followed shortly by almost continuous lightning and thunder. The first boomers were a ways away, but by 8 PM we were seeing lightning strikes all around us, and the boomers were so strong that they occasionally rattled the boat. It was definitely close to us!

This storm didn’t want to leave us, and the lightning and thunder and on-and-off rain continued for almost 3 hours. Our kitties were definitely not happy campers. Gratefully, most of the lightning and loud thunder was over before bedtime.

During one of the breaks in the rain just before sunset, I managed to snap a few quick pictures from the foredeck…didn’t really want to venture too far away from the safety of the boat, but wanted to try to capture the intense red sky. It was so very ominous looking.

We are grateful that this morning was calm and foggy…even though unsettled weather is still in the forecast for the next day or two.