Superwinch Inaugural

Lifting the outboard with the Superwinch

Jim guided the outboard as we used the Superwinch to lift it from the dock so he could attach it to the dinghy on deck. My job was to press the hoisting button on the winch remote.

Lifting the outboard with the winch - closeup view

A close up view of Jim attaching the outboard to the dinghy. The other end of the yellow hoisting line is connected to the drum of the Superwinch.

Today we got our chance to actually use our new Superwinch!

At high tide this morning, Jim brought the dinghy outboard motor down from our storage unit. We store the outboard in our storage unit every winter, then get it out and put it on the dinghy when we’re ready to use it. Since the dinghy is stored on the aft boat deck, we have to lift the outboard from the dock to the deck.

In the past, we’ve lifted the outboard from the dock slowly by cranking the manual winch, but today we let the Superwinch do the job. It quickly got the outboard up and onto the deck where Jim could attach it to the dinghy. Neat! We’re very pleased with how our new system performs.