Burgers and A Steam-Powered Fire Engine

brown lantern ale house

When we finished varnishing last week, we decided to head to the Brown Lantern Ale House for a couple of their great burgers and Mac & Jack’s African Amber Ale. Brown Lantern is one of our favorite places for a casual dinner in Anacortes.

When we’re staying on our boat at Anacortes Marina, we often don’t know when local events are scheduled. Partly because we live in Oregon, but also because we’re usually more focused on getting ready to take the boat somewhere and/or working on the boat and don’t pay attention. However, because we’re in walking distance of everything in town and along the waterfront, we often discover what’s going on by seeing things along our walks.

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Best Burgers in Anacortes

Brown Lantern

A quiet night inside the Brown Lantern Ale House.

Thought we’d be on our way by now, but find ourselves still taking care of things in order to get the boat ready. And, while we continue with our preparations, it hasn’t been convenient to cook on the boat…so we’ve been eating out for dinner.

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