Moving On

harbour chandlery

Harbour Chandler in Nanaimo has lots of serious boating and fishing gear.

It took all day, but Jim thinks he finally has enough fluid back in our cooling system so that we can safely run our engine. After he flushed the heat exchanger and reassembled the cooling system, he wasn’t able to get all the fluids back into the system. He thinks this is because he ended up with an air bubble or bubbles in the system when he put things back together.

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Wi-Fi Woes

Our Wi-Fi Internet service provider in Anacortes is Beacon Wi-Fi, formerly BroadbandXpress (BBX). Due to problems connecting to their service, we haven’t been able to get a dependable Internet connection for more than two weeks. We haven’t been able to even get a connection for the past week! We’ve been working for days to try to resolve the problem…it seems to be a problem with BBX’s equipment…but it has been so time consuming to try to find a solution that we may have to give up for now.

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