June 22 – Pender Harbour to Squirrel Cove

Squirrel Cove Store

Squirrel Cove is located on Cortes Island in Desolation Sound, B.C. There is a small dock and store on the shore, but the anchorage is located beyond. We can use our dinghy to get to the store. When we passed the Squirrel Cove store on our way to the anchorage, it was low tide. It was one of the lowest tides of the year.

Last night when we ran the generator in Pender Harbour, we noticed that the battery monitor indicated we had lost more charge during the afternoon than normal. Also the charging usually starts out in a bulk mode when the batteries are discharged, and this didn’t happen when our charging started. So, now what? Is our battery monitor failing? Or is there a problem with our batteries?

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Off We Go!

aprs website display

This is the display on the APRS website showing our current location. Read below in this post about this and for the link you can click to see where we are.

Blue skies and light wind…plus a fair marine weather forecast today. And our new credit cards arrived as scheduled yesterday. Time to leave the dock!

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Yikes! Lowering Our Mast


When we lowered the mast, it came to rest in a horizontal position, with the top of the mast at the stern. This photo shows the tabernacle (bottom of the mast) that attaches on the fly bridge, the spreaders on the mast, and the Raymarine radar antenna. The top of the mast is to the right and out of the photo.

We’ve been boating long enough to know that our plans are always subject to change, and the key word is “flexibility.” We had hoped to be underway by now, but it’s taken longer than we expected to get things ready to travel. Some of our projects have taken longer than we planned…one was changing the bulb in our anchor light.

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Replace Webasto Thermostat

original webasto thermostat

Our original Webasto thermostat failed in August, and couldn’t be fixed, so we had to order a new thermostat. This is the original one.

Our first maintenance job when we got back to the boat was to replace the thermostat for our Webasto heater. The thermostat failed in August when we left, and we determined it was old and couldn’t be repaired, so a replacement was needed. We ordered a new thermostat from Sure Marine, where we got the original unit, and we brought the new one with us when we came back to the boat in September.

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Still Varnishing

Alice varnishing stern cap rail

Alice stands on the swim step to apply a third coat of varnish to Phoenix’s stern cap rail.

Today we got a “final” coat of varnish on the aft part of the cap rail and on the eyebrow trim…despite the weather. It was dry and partly sunny when we got started this morning, but after we wiped down everything and started taping, the wind started to increase. We debated whether to go ahead, as the wind tends to blow all sorts of dust and dirt around…which ends up in the wet varnish and ruins the finish. But we wanted to get this project done, and everything was prepped and ready, so we decided to go ahead.

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Afternoon Shadows


Afternoon Shadows

The late afternoon sun casts shadows from a sailboat’s masts on Phoenix’s port side, as she sits in our slip at Anacortes Marina. We spent today sanding the teak on the aft cap rail and the eyebrow and plan to apply a third coat of varnish tomorrow, weather permitting. We taped the eyebrow trim with blue masking tape to protect the gelcoat from the sanding, and left it in place for tomorrow’s varnishing.