July 4 – Ganges to Port Browning

Port Browning Marina

Phoenix was tied up at the far end of Port Browning Marina. Our boat is the furthest boat to the right and you can see our bow pointing out, as we had to back into the slip.

It was sunny and calm at Salt Spring Marina this morning. There was a bit of wind in the forecast, but it didn’t sound like it would be coming up until later in the afternoon. It’s a good day to leave. We picked Port Browning Marina as our next destination. Jim called them yesterday and got a reservation for a slip for tonight, with the option of cancelling if the weather wasn’t good for travel. We packed up the boat and headed for Port Browning.

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September 15 – Ganges to Port Browning

Navy Channel looking south

We motored slowly out of Ganges Harbour, dodging the usual many crab trap floats, and headed south, then east toward Trincomali Channel. Then we turned south into Navy Channel. This is the view from Trincomali Channel looking south toward Navy Channel, with Mayne and Saturna Islands in the distance.

After our walk through the Saturday Salt Spring Island Market, we got things ready to leave Ganges Marina. Checkout time was 1100, but we were ready to leave shortly after 1000, and were underway by 1015. Leaving our side tie at the dock was a little tricky because a fresh northwest breeze was pushing us toward the dock and there was little space to maneuver.

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September 13 – Prevost to Montague

montgue harbour north

Montague Harbour was sunny and calm when we arrived, and stayed that way all day. We saw lots of empty mooring buoys in the marine park at the north end of the anchorage.

It was breezy in Prevost Harbor this morning, but clear and sunny. After coffee and a snack, we decided to head out of the anchorage and see if it was windy in Boundary Pass. We called Canadian Customs before we left U. S. waters to get clearance for entry at Montague, with an arrival time of 1200. With our Nexus passes, we’re able to clear Canadian Customs at Montague Harbour, Galiano Island.

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